Harvest 2016 Pietershof

Countdown to harvest in the North

It’s been quite a while since my last update on Pietershof. Let me get you up to speed while rushing through the past summer months.

Remember the devastating spring frost? While winegrowers in other parts of Europe have forecasted less harvest (the estimate ranges from 20% to a staggering 70% in parts of Bordeaux), at Pietershof they seem to have come out of the frost in pretty good shape with most likely no significant crop loss.

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The Italian definition of terroir

Prior to this year’s WSET Diploma Course BeNeLux graduation in Rotterdam restaurant Fitzgerald, WineWise invited Jancis Robinson’s Walter Speller to lecture on Italy: the Italian definition of terroir. Three hours of theory and tasting with one of the most renowned Italian wine experts.

Italy is such an intriguing country when it comes to wine (ok, obviously not only in wine). Each of the twenty winemaking regions are different in soil, climate and therefore in style. Diversity is key and the numerous indigenous grapes certainly contribute to a widespread palette of wines of which we were about to sample a few.

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