May 2017

Can craft beer age?

And there I was, wine aficionado surrounded by craft beer lovers on a hot spring evening at Café Servaas. The occasion? A craft beer tasting on the evolution of beer through ageing.

Hosted by Bas Schampers from the Bourgondische Bierkelder, a Certified Diploma Beer Sommelier which is apparently an internationally recognized title requiring study abroad in beer nation Austria.

It turned out to be an interesting evening.

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Orange wine: let it grow on you

Gems, fruit, chemical elements and even a fish are used to describe the colour of wine. I still have to taste the wacky Spanish blue wine adventure, but something tells me I probably never will. There’s a whole category of wines out there that so far hasn’t reached a bigger audience: orange wines.

Granted, it looks like morning pee after a heavy night on the town, but this so deserves to be enjoyed, taking you off the beaten track. Here’s why it got me all excited…

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